How to start a life coaching business- 5 Amazing Tips

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HOW TO START A LIFE COACHING BUSINESS? Imagine if we could earn by bringing people a step closer to their dreams by making them realize their true potential. How would it be to do work that is lucrative and makes one feel contented? 

One of the rewarding parts of starting a life coaching business is driving change in people’s lives and helping them to carve a unique path to achieve that ambition.

In this pandemic, technology has expanded its horizon, reach, and ability to provide coaching services. We are no longer bounded to meet people in person. Video conferencing has made face-to-face coaching with clients all across the world possible. Thanks to technology that has made things easier in times of adversities! 

The coaching business has exploded in the last few months which makes it an ideal time for you to start.

If you enjoy connecting and helping other people, here is a comprehensive guide on how to start a life coaching business.

What do life coaches do?

Life coaches are frequently mistaken with counselors who require a proper degree. Counselors focus on specific problems and find solutions by making ‘healing’ one of the main objectives. 

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On the other hand, life coaches help people get clarity over their goals in life and help them achieve that. The process of commencing a life coaching business calls upon you to thoroughly assess your niche, strengthen your knowledge, identify potential customers, and a lot more. 


  • It isn’t highly regulated which means anyone with the perfect skill set can become a life coach without being certified. Even though it is highly recommended to take some courses.
  • You already have the equipment that is needed to start i.e. a computer which makes it affordable and solely skill-based.
  • A passive source of income can be generated by further assisting them with services or offering add-on products like books.
  • You will gain a sense of contentment every day by helping others. 


  • Though certification isn’t mandated, certification increases your credibility and your market value but getting a coaching certificate would involve a lot of time and money.
  • It can take a while to build a robust, stable, and well-established business.
  • You’ll have to be prepared to spend most of your time on phones or laptops, risking your eye health.
  • You have to be in your full form always. All pumped up and energized to deal with your clients irrespective of your mood or how your day went.


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Kickstart your journey as a life coach with the help of the tips mentioned below : 

  1. Assess your niche 
  2. Get well acquainted with your first client
  3. Design your first offer
  4. Make an outreach strategy
  5. Build an online presence
  6. Expand your business

1. Assess your niche:  

Choose the type of life coaching business you want to do. Your niche will guide you perfectly by determining your coaching packages, working with people in the same business, and offering the perfect strategy to market your business. 

Here are steps to pick a perfect coaching niche that will align with you :

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  • List almost 10 things which you are best at.
  • Now pick out those you are most experienced with.
  • Amongst them, pick out the ones that have made a huge impact on you.
  • Write next to it what you learned from it.
  • The specific demographic of people you will serve will be the intersection of your skillset, experiences and wisdom gained.
  • Now briefly describe your niche. 

2. Get well acquainted with your first client : 

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Now that you have chosen your niche, it’s time to get to know your first client. During picking your niche you focussed on a specific demographic of people you want to work with. Spend time to know this person and intricate details about them as you have to guide them through their fears. You can do this by:

Researching online: Read popular blogs of your niche and the kind of questions clients generally ask. 

Talking to your client: This usually takes longer but you have the most useful information through this. Open to your client to receive the most intricate form of details.

Make sure you pen down everything, even the language used by your client as it’ll help you while you craft your offer for them.

3. Design your first offer: 

Its time to craft your first offer that is appealing to your client.I read this somewhere and it kind of stuck with me.

People don’t buy coaching, they buy solutions to their problems.

This is crucial to understand as you commence by addressing and defining the problem your clients face and solving that. Go through the details you noted and come up with the biggest outcome you can help your client achieve. Make sure it is a desirable outcome as per your clients and can be delivered. If not, refine your research.

Examples can be: Finding a life partner 

                               Lose 20 Pounds

                               Writing a book as an author 

By delivering desirable outcomes you create a coaching package that appeals to your clients and is irresistible to them. Now determine the worth of solving that problem by putting yourself in place of your client and come up with a price range.

Few coaching businesses think in the direction of duration and quantity of videos. Don’t trade your time for money. This type of thought process puts a price tag on your time. When you think in the direction of transformation you offer, your impact is much greater and value comes back to you in the form of money.

4. Make an outreach strategy 

Now that you have designed your first offer, adopt an outreach strategy through which you get your first paying clients. Practice that strategy for a month or two and if it doesn’t show the outcome even then tweak your plan. There are numerous ways to find your paying clients, the best of which we’ve mentioned below:

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  • Join a networking group (locally)
  • Become popular in online groups 
  • Create social media groups like Facebook groups
  • Host regular meetups in groups 
  • Do outreach within your personal network.

People who already know you and trust you (personal network) are more likely to buy from you or recommend you to somebody they know. They will help you expand your business the most.

Step out of your comfort zone and do as much networking as you can. 

5. Build an online presence

Now that you have come up with a proper outreach strategy, it is now time to think about how to expand your audience. There is no need to build a website when you are just commencing. New coaches get clients at first even through an existing network or in-person networking. Initially, use your outreach plan effectively to get clients. 


after a point of time to expand your reach, you would need a home on the web i.e. website.

Make a website: After a point of time to expand your reach, you would need a home on the web i.e. website. A website gives clients a platform to learn about you and your services and what it would be like to work with you. 

Build an email list: Build an email list as people who trust you enough to give you their email address may want to hear from you often or are likely to buy your products.

You can post a lot of content but it may never go noticed but sharing that through email can bring it in front of peoples’ eyes. You may need to offer incentives to people like something of great value, as people typically don’t give their email addresses like that. 

 6. Expand your Business

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Till now, you may have picked your niche, designed your first offer, and built an online presence. Now it’s time to build a strategy to scale up your business. 

Increase your client base by choosing which marketing channels work best for you and your clients.

Here are few examples:

  • Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, youtube
  • Collaboration
  • Personal network
  • Paid advertisements

Select and commit to two marketing channels as a part of your strategy for 2-3 months. Tweak your plan and refine your search if the outcome isn’t desirable. Last, select marketing channels that you can commit to in the long run.

Next, you can expand your coaching business by either increasing your clients or your prices. 

Start by increasing your price after every few clients. Your experience and credibility will grow and the value you offer will keep getting enhanced. Eventually, your price will reach a threshold beyond which your target market won’t pay. Experiment and find the best strategy to increase your client base. 

We have covered all that it takes to start a life coaching business. Follow these tips and see where they lead you. Carve your unique path and keep taking action. The next few months might change your life completely. 

For more information you can also contact us at directly at www.omigupta.com.

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