Let’s Make your life and Business Unstoppable Together

Let’s Make your life and Business Unstoppable Together

Let's see who I am.

Who am I?

I am a Google Top Ranked Niche Clarity Expert, Branding and marketing Consultant, Certified Life Coach, Life Skills Trainer, founder, and CEO at GetDigitalOffice, traveler, public speaker, and a believer. 

I am super glad to announce that I recently became Author and launched my first book “Mind your Micro Niche” through the hands of legendary author Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai (Author of Corporate Chanakya)

I have been fortunate to consult more than a hundred business owners to find their micro-niche and create a monopoly and have helped more than 20k Business owners, Students, and professionals through my life and business skills training and coaching. I have spoken over Tedx, MSMex, CNBC and several other platforms to nurture business minds. 

Now I have started a new journey along with other things to build a personal brand on social media where I intend to educate people about Entrepreneurship and life skills and share my own life experiences.

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Life Coaching

MY Mission

My Mission is to touch 1 million people by the end of 2025 and bring a positive change in their lives.

My Mission

About My
Marketing Firm

Delhi Based Digital Branding and Marketing Firm, GetDigitalOffice is your One-stop solution where clients just need to focus on one thing that is, increase their sales. We take full responsibility for your complete Branding and Marketing so that you can spend quality time with your family, and ensure that together we can make this world a better place with your product and services.

Get Digital Office

Get Digital Office


I am grateful for what people say about me-


When it comes to understanding your target audience and your main strength in coaching, This guy can help a lot of people out there. I will always be thankful to him to help me start my digital coaching journey and bringing more people to my online paid community.

Dr Jinendra Jain Holistic Healer

I have been part of the training industry from last 15 years but after taking a session from Omi on the micro-niche and target audience, I understood the power of creating the authority and uniqueness. My client's closing activity has become easy as they feel that I understand their pain points. More power to you Omi

Reema bansal Couple Clarity Specialist

"After 1.5 hours with Omi, we started understanding pain points and we are able to come out with good answers. Omi has helped us come to a market statement which we liked very much. All these 22 years, I should say I should have met Omi many years back. I am very happy."

Dr Vardhan Ayurveda Spine Specialist

"I have enrolled over 200+ businesses across India with the help of Omi and his team. Great service. Thank you so much Omi, all the best."

Suresh Mansharmani Entrepreneur and OKR Specialist

"I think the session was eye opening in many ways. Thank you, Omi. It's surprising that we have ended up on something amazing and I hope to make this work with you together."

Abhinav Abhinav Thukral Digital Transformatio Expert

"You helped me understand my work in a more concise manner which will help me move forward. Thank you so much, Omi."

Dovleen A Psychologist and Career Coach


Mind Your
Micro Niche

It is a practical Step by Step Actionable Guide to find your exact niche and target audience so that not only you market your brand uniquely but at the same time you are able to stand out from the crowd so that your customers come to you and they do not negotiate with you on the price.

Micro Niche

Micro Niche

Let's here them out